Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Transhumanism RSS feeds

I'm interested in the subject of Transhumanism. I suspect that most of my fellow technologists are also interested in the concepts it embodies, even if they're unfamiliar with the term.

"Transhumanism" is a catch-all term for enhancing our abilities as human beings. It is related to Posthumanism,which is more about what human beings will transform themselves into and/or AI that we may create that will surpass our abilities.

There are plenty of blogs and online magazines on the subject, but many of them either have no RSS feed ("and you call yourself a transhumanist!").  Many others only have a feed that delivers a couple of sentences with a link, which is to my mind both hypocritical and self-defeating (it drives almost no traffic, but does irritate potential readers like me). 

I haven't found anyplace that aggregates full RSS feeds, so I made a tentative start.  Here is a Google Reader bundle.  If you see anything you really like in there, I'd suggest  that you subscribe to it in your own reader of choice - I will almost certainly change the list of blogs in here over time, including deleting some that I don't read.

As of this writing I haven't done more than skim these to see if the content looks complete.