Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Links 11/26/2008

Happy holidays!

Here are some resources I have found useful lately...

Ann Arbor Spark
A fairly comprehensive site with many resources for start-ups. This includes everything from an entrepreneur "boot camp" to regular meet & greet events that match start-ups with developers and other talent.

Digital Edge
This is a site devoted to small tech companies. Joe Minock (Joem32 on twitter) runs the site. Per the site, the focus is on "highly scalable web start-ups or web based businesses". It looks like they're just getting started, but I like the idea.

Not local, but it is turning into a pretty good resource for me to find helpful people and advice. The basic Twitter search is useless for finding people that you don't already know, but resources like Twubble and Twellow can help you find a seed group of people to follow. Check out Chris Thomson's blog entry on this for more information. After you have a dozen or so people, consider adding MrTweet - it will give you an analysis of who else you should be following.
(BTW, I'm visual_thinker on Twitter.)